Learners can take certificates or individual courses. The cost to enroll in a five-course certificate program is $325/person. The cost to enroll in an individual course is based on number of CE credit hours/hours ($30 per CE credit hour). Course prices range from $60 to $150/person. CADER promotional offers is based on full cost of course and certificate enrollment.

Group Pricing

CADER has developed a group pricing model that makes training highly affordable.

For groups of 10 people or more

Number of Learners Individual Courses Certificate Program
10 – 24 learners $25 per CE credit hour $250 per person
25 – 200 learners $20 per CE credit hour $200 per person
> 200 learners $20 per CE credit hour $175 per person
> 500 learners $20 per CE credit hour $150 per person

For group discounts to train more than 25 learners, we request a deposit of $4,975.

Ask your colleagues from other agencies across your state to join you in this group savings and build the capacity of this critical workforce together!

Optional features for an additional cost

  • Customized Training Portal Page
  • Program Evaluation

Features for Organizations

  • Program Set-up and Management – CADER will configure and launch the online courses for the training program as specified in contract. CADER will host and manage these online courses, and will provide access to participants for the courses for the duration of this contract.
  • Orientation and Training Program Kick-off – CADER will hold webinars with project staff and/or agency training liaisons to provide an orientation to the online program (these webinars will be archived and available on the portal page, should the portal page be selected as an enhanced option).
  • Online Courses and Learning Enrichment Activities – Access to online courses and learning tools such as blogs, html objects, video clips, and links to additional resources to help organizations implement workforce change and enhance the benefits of online learning. The purpose of these learning tools is to enhance the application of training to professional practice.
  • Supervisor Guides – Supervisor Guides are designed for supervisors, managers, or other trainers who plan to conduct a group supervision or in-person training session based on a CADER online course. Each Guide provides approximately five face-to-face exercises based on material from the online course. Materials are provided for one to three hours of training, although the sessions can easily be divided, extended or shortened.
  • Management Reports – CADER reports, tracks, and monitors participant progress in a number of areas to provide robust reporting requirements. On a monthly basis, the lead training manager will receive a report tracking training participants’ enrollment and completion, as well as any additional account details as needed.
  • Customer Service and Technical Support – CADER provides ongoing customer service or technical support to organizations and its training participants. CADER strives for ‘same day fixes’ to all problems, but recognizes that some issues may require a development fix that must be tested before implementation. CADER’s goal is to address customer concerns and data requests with communication back to the requestor within 24-48 hours.

Optional Features for an Additional Cost

  • Customized Training Portal Page – (OPTIONAL FEATURE) – CADER will develop and maintain a Customized Training Portal page that all participants will use to register and access their online programs. The portal page will include, but is not limited to, updating and maintaining State-specific training materials, State logos, videos, and other relevant content to reflect the State’s commitment to training. CADER will work with the lead training manager to routinely update and change the portal page, as well as to incorporate just-in-time content into the online training program, such as testimonials and milestones.
  • Program Evaluation – (OPTIONAL FEATURE) – CADER will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess competency gains, completion rates for participants in the program, and summary demographics of participants.