Learner Feedback

“Our employees have diverse educational backgrounds and work histories. We have found the CADER courses and certificate programs to be a convenient and cost-effective method to ensure that our staff have a sound understanding of the issues and concerns impacting the consumers we serve and gives them the knowledge they need to provide effective care planning and coordination

The on-line courses combine well-written materials, videos, and case scenarios. Technical Support is readily available if needed and any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

We highly recommend the CADER certificate programs and courses”

–Robert Ormsby
Director of Program and Professional Development
Central Boston Elder Services

Certificate Feedback:

  • ADRC Person-Centered Counseling Certificate
    • “The information provided was extremely helpful. The practical examples helped clarify the written information. The information provided was concise and informative. – A recent learner in the ADRC Person-Centered Counseling Certificate”
  • Behavioral Health in Aging Certificate 
    • “Wonderful course. There is so much valuable information included I found myself reading articles and watching the videos suggested. I enjoyed every minute spent. I feel I have so much more to offer my clients and families now. Thank you ”– A recent leaner from the Behavioral Health Certificate
  • Case Management Certificate
    • “This program was very realistic and the topics and information are all about the issues I encounter on a daily basis. It will be very helpful in my every day work with seniors and those with disabilities.”– A recent leaner from the Case Management Certificate
  • Supervision and Leadership Certificate
    • “I felt this course covered many different topics about how to best manage a direct care workforce. The strategies discussed are strategies that I will use for my own Home Care Agency. This course provided common sense approaches to manage staff, and it was refreshing to be reminded of the strategies/tactics needed to be a top performing home care agency. – A recent learner of Supervision and Leadership Certificate

Feedback from Individual Courses:

  • A Foundation in Ethics, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • “Course content was great: well-organized, clear, easy to understand, with helpful examples.”
  • A Guide to the Aging & Disability Networks
    • “I cannot believe how much I am learning, and how well this is being presented to me!! I am enjoying every minute of it!!”
    • “This course is offering me so much more insight to the business I work in. In home care goes hand and hand with all this information.”
    • “The course was very informative and provided me with a better understanding of the issues and background surrounding aging and disability networks.”
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias
    • “I found this course to be very informative and interesting. I feel much more confident in my knowledge of Alzheimer’s and other related dementias, and will certainly be able to apply the skills I learned to my position. I really enjoyed this course.”
    • “This was a great course. I learned so much about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in particular. I feel much more confident dealing with persons with these diseases. Thank you.”
  • Assessment with Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities
    • “I found the subject matter in this course quite interesting and relevant to assessment and care management, in general. Choice and self-determination are fundamental to the homecare program, and it was beneficial to read about the legal and ethical dynamics involved in different situations.”
    • “I think this course is very useful as it gives the proper training, new set of skills, and reminds us of our own biases which we must keep in check and be aware of them.”
  • Care Management
    • “This course improved my knowledge and understanding toward case management by providing inclusive info and case scenarios for us to follow through. I will recommend this course to my other colleagues.”
    • “Course was presented well. I learned a lot of valuable information that will assist me in my work as a Care Coordinator.”
  • Care Transitions
    • “Received a thorough understanding on care management and the importance of implementing it in helping elders’ lives overall. Very useful course material and case scenarios.”
    • “Very helpful! This is an area of case management that can be the most difficult!”
  • Core Issues in Aging & Disability
    • “A lot of great information about health problems and disabilities that I was able to learn more about and use it towards my professional work life”
    • “This course was effective in communicating the changes in need with age or disability from a consumer’s perspective. I found it beneficial to learn the history behind certain pieces of legislature that have moved society towards a more inclusive model.”
  • Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation
    • “Important information across all areas of practice”
  • End of Life Issues
    • “Great course! Very informative!”
  • Interdisciplinary Care Teams
    • “Great information on team development and person centered care.”
  • Legal Principles & Decision Making in Practice
    • “This course helped expand my understanding of legal issues and ethical concerns related to the Elderly.”
  • Managing Medications During Care Transitions
    • “Course was effective in listing models for medication use in the healthcare system”
  • Mental Health and Aging Issues
    • “I truly learned about the elderly and how to help with any issues they may be experiencing everything was explained thoroughly and when i asked for help with the program i was quickly answered and helped”
    • “This course was very informative and provided relevant and updated information on servicing aging elders. The information was easy to read and was broken down in topics, which made it easier for me to comprehend. I enjoyed the case studies, they allowed me to practice my assessments.”
  • Mental Wellness and Resilience among Older Immigrants and Refugees
    • “I learned a lot in this course and will be able to use all the information to help seniors”
  • Substance Use among Older Adults
    • “Great information, will be able to use in my clinical area.”
    • “I thought I had a good sense of the substance use in older adults however, I can look back over my experience now and realize I could have done some things differently.”
  • Suicide Prevention among Older Adults
    • “I found the information in each chapter extremely important to my line of work. It provided me with more tools and information to better serve the older population who are at risk of suicide.”
  • Understanding Consumer Control, Person-Centered Planning, and Self-Direction
    • “It is my opinion that this course is beneficial in providing the educational needs as an options counselor.”
  • Volunteer Engagement
    • “I really had not thought about how to tackle volunteer recruitment for this new generation. This was very helpful and I’m excited to put more thought into what we need volunteers for and working through all of the components outlined here to have a more successful program.”