Suicide Prevention Among Older Adults

Undetected and undertreated depression and the corresponding high rate of suicide among older adults present one of the most urgent problems we face in caring for the aging population. This course prepares those working with older adults to recognize suicide risk among their clients, to intervene, and to engage in and promote suicide prevention. The course focuses on what is known about suicide and the risks for vulnerable older adults based on the latest research and the practice experience of healthcare professionals.

Cost of Online Course: $90
Number of CEUs: 4

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    Learning Objectives

    • Knowledge of current research on suicide and suicide prevention among older adults, and the implications for practice.
    • Understanding of intervention options and treatment approaches, related ethical concerns, vulnerabilities of older adults, and family and community perspectives, as well as the importance of understanding one’s own attitudes toward suicide and the potential implications in practice.
    • Skills and tools to identify the risk factors for suicide among older adults, to recognize these risk factors among their clients, and to intervene effectively, making appropriate referrals where required, and to engage in effective suicide-prevention activities.


    • “In the community, in our clients’ homes, we see suicide attempts, we see substance abuse, but we’re not experts in that. The course gave us additional tools for when we communicate with our clients. It helped us to better serve them.”

    —Andrea Buggs, long-term-care manager, Central Savannah River Area AAA, Augusta, Georgia

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