Suicide Prevention among Older Adult Immigrants and Refugees

This course provides information about the prevention of suicide in older adult immigrants and refugees. It discusses data on the prevalence of suicide by age, gender, race, and country of origin, as well as the known disparities in our health care system that leave some people at greater risk for chronic physical and mental  distress. Also included in this course are summaries of some of the major research findings about why people take their own lives and how to recognize the risk factors for suicide in older adults.

Cost of Online Course: $60
Number of CEUs: 2

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    Course Benefits

      • Discuss the overall risk factors for suicide.
      • Describe some of the risk factors that are culturally-based.
      • Understand what role resiliency has in suicide prevention.
      • Discuss the importance of being culturally aware.
      • Describe good listening and questioning techniques.
      • Assess suicide risk and the need for crisis intervention

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