Mental Health Training in Options Counseling

Options counselors provide the information and resources for people transitioning from institutional settings to the community, those already living in the community, and families and friends of individual consumers. This course is designed to help options counselors provide information and resources to consumers who can then make choices about services that support a self-defined quality of life. Options counselors are not expected or trained to diagnose or assess individuals with mental health issues. However, it is important for options counselors to understand mental health issues in a historical context, be familiar with language used to describe psychiatric issues, know the various perspectives on mental health, and recognize self-determination as a human right. In addition, it is important for options counselors to learn about what it means to be trauma sensitive, as well as how to ask questions, listen, and respond to consumers in an authentic way unique to each individual. In this course options counselors will learn how personal bias and self-reflection impacts communication with consumers and the necessity of cultural inclusion.

Cost of Online Course: $90
Number of CEUs: 3

CADER Online Learning Programs
Anna Stathopoulou

Online Training Manager


    Course Benefits

  • Recognize the diverse language used to describe mental health and define specific terms related to mental health issues.
    • Understand the history of attitudes regarding mental health in the United States.
      • Explain how options counseling supports choice, self-determination, and participation.
        • Identify the different perspectives on mental health.
          • Respect the diversity of consumers.
            • Explain the role of the options counselor in a policy context.
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