Mental Health and Aging Issues

Sixty percent of mental health services that older people receive are provided by social service professionals. Yet these practitioners, as well as many in the disciplines of psychology and psychiatry, are often not trained specifically in mental health as related to aging. Prevalence of numerous coexisting medical conditions, greater use of multiple prescribed medications, and stereotypes about aging are among the many issues that make mental health concerns of the older individual complex and particularly challenging. This course provides practitioners with fundamental knowledge of the signs and symptoms of common mental health concerns and the tools required to address their clients’ needs in this crucial realm—through appropriate intervention or referral.

Cost of Online Course: $120
Number of CEUs: 4


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    Course Benefits

          • Recognize common mental health conditions present in the older adult population.
          • Describe the delivery of appropriate mental health services to older adults
          • Use standardized diagnostic tools that are appropriate for older adults.
          • Interpret the findings from mental health assessments
          • Practice mental health assessments & interventions with older adults in a culturally competent manner
          • Describe the most common legal and ethical issues related to aging and mental health

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