Managing Medications During Care Transitions

This course is about how our current health care system manages the transitioning of people from one health care setting to another and how well it maintains the integrity of their medication regimen as they move between care settings. It is designed to give you some basic knowledge about the drugs that are commonly prescribed for people with chronic medical conditions and will give you some ideas about how to help people manage their medicines through transitions of care.

Cost of Online Course: $60
Number of CEUs: 2


CADER Online Learning Programs
Anna Stathopoulou
Online Training Manager

    Course Benefits

      • List the most important sections of the Affordable Care Act for older people and people with disabilities.
      • Understand the different parts of Medicare and Medicaid and prescription drug coverage.
      • Discuss the importance of continuity of care in various care transition settings.
      • Have knowledge of the drugs commonly used by adults with chronic medical or psychological conditions.
      • Differentiate between adverse drug reactions and drug side effects.
      • Define polypharmacy and “prescribing cascade.”
      • Discuss the solutions that best help solve the problems of medication mismanagement.
      • Understand how a person’s health literacy and cultural needs can influence successful drug management.

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