Compulsive Hoarding in Older Adults

Hoarding is a common problem with serious risks to health and safety. This course describes the signs of compulsive hoarding, the trajectory of the condition, and how it affects the individual’s behavior and ability to function at home and in the community. The course features methods of assessment, treatment, and intervention to help clients and their families. Case studies provide examples of how to apply the information you’ve learned.

Cost of Online Course: $120
Number of CEUs: 4

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    Learning Objectives

    • Knowledge of current research on compulsive hoarding in older adults and the implications for practice.
    • Understanding of intervention options and treatment approaches, related ethical concerns, vulnerabilities of older adults, and family and community perspectives.
    • Skills and tools to identify the behavioral manifestations of compulsive hoarding, to assess the affected older adult’s self-care competence, and to intervene with affected adults and concerned families.



    • “So informative! Drew upon my knowledge of MI and CBT, showing how they could be effectively used with this issue, while also helping me become aware of tendencies of persons with hoarding difficulties.”
    • “The best online course I have ever taken on compulsive hoarding.”

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