Care Management Practice

Social service practitioners have traditionally played an important role in care management, the collaborative process of assessment, facilitation, and coordination of services and supports to older adults and people with disabilities. With current developments in the health and long-term-care system, that role remains crucial, especially in coordinating the care of individuals who wish to live as independently as possible. This course provides an overview of care management and presents the latest in skills and tools for providing support for clients and their families. Participants will also learn about long-term-care management services and resources available in the community.

Cost of Online Course: $60
Number of CEUs: 2

This course is required for the CADER Care Management Certificate.

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    Learning Objectives

    After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Define care management.
    • Identify the major medical, emotional, and social conditions that affect older people and people with disabilities.
    • Explain how cultural dynamics can affect care management.
    • Identify the key functions of care management.
    • Understand your role in care management.
    • Apply the necessary skills of care management to your practice.


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    • “This course met expectations and the information I learned in this course will be helpful in my daily interaction with patients.”

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