Assessment with Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities

Here is assessment for the twenty-first century. With this course you’ll learn how to determine the long-term living needs of older people and other adults of any age who have functional disabilities and want to live in the community, either at home or in some other residential setting. More and more states are now developing community-based support programs aimed at this diverse population. See the process that unfolds as a skilled practitioner works in partnership with an individual to uncover what is required to meet his or her goals for independent living.

Cost of Online Course: $120
Number of CEUs: 4

This course is required for the CADER Residential Housing and Community Living Certificate.

CADER Online Learning Programs
Anna Stathopoulou
Online Training Manager

    Course Benefits

      • Knowledge of the core elements of assessment, including functional abilities and available social supports; the relevant legal and ethical considerations; and important environmental factors
      • Understanding of the values of choice, self-determination, and participation; recognition of one’s own attitudes and the potential impact of the service-provider’s attitudes on the assessment process; enhanced respect for the individuality of clients and the diversity of the client population.
      • Skills and tools to effectively assess functional abilities of a diverse range of individuals, particularly in relation to goals for independent living.

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