Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias of Aging

Care managers, social workers, and others who provide services to older people are often the first to notice signs of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurocognitive disorders. This course teaches practitioners to recognize signs and symptoms of the common dementias so that they can refer clients for appropriate diagnostic screening, as well as provide education, support, and referrals. Discussion includes legal and ethical issues and the implications of ethnic and cultural differences for effective intervention strategies.

Cost of Online Course: $120
Number of CEUs: 4

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    Learning Objectives

    • Awareness of the basic physiological, psychosocial, and cultural contexts of dementia, and the implications for practice.
    • Understanding of intervention options and treatment approaches, related ethical concerns, vulnerabilities of older adults, and family and community perspectives.
    • Skills and tools to (1) identify potential signs and symptoms of dementia in clients and of related stress in family members, and (2) provide appropriate referral and assistance.



    • “The knowledge is very good to have, though, because it does help how other providers of care may do their work and it helps me when working with families.”
    • “The course was extremely informative and the course provided current research material.”

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