Supervision and Leadership Certificate

Develop the skills needed for effective leadership in today’s complex health and social services arena. This program includes a focus on the competencies needed to be an effective supervisor, team leader and manger.  It will explore the challenges faced by leaders as they work in diverse organizations, and systems.

Training Program Cost: $325.00
Number of CEUs: 15.5

CADER Online Learning Programs

Common Sense Management for Caring Organizations

This course focuses on management approaches to direct care workforce issues from the study of high-performing home care agencies and nursing homes.

Interdisciplinary Care Teams

Teamwork brings people with varying knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes together to achieve a mutually agreed-upon goal. In the case of interdisciplinary care teams, the goal is to provide the best possible care to older adults and people with disabilities. This course explains what makes an effective team member, looks at stages that teams go through, and ways to address team conflict. Throughout the courses there are examples of team problem solving and how teams come up with solutions as they develop care plans.

Legal Principles & Decision Making in Practice

This course is designed to address the major legal and ethical issues related to informed consent and decision making that social service and health care professionals may encounter when working with older adults and people with disabilities. It discusses the elements of informed consent and explains why it is needed, both ethically and legally. It describes important terms such as capacity and competence and how to understand the difference between the two.  You will find vignettes, throughout the course that illustrate these concepts in practice situations.

Participant Direction in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports

Managed care has become an emerging model of choice for delivering long-term services and supports (LTSS) in a home and community-based (HCBS) setting, replacing the traditional fee-for-service model that’s existed for decades.  This course explains the role of participant direction within managed care, specifically managed long-term services and supports (MLTSS), and will help you build your organization’s business capacity to offer participant-directed services within MLTSS plans.

Supervision for Effective Practice with Older Adults

Supervising social service practitioners who have older clients in their caseloads requires a melding of supervisory best practice with understanding of the particular requirements of working with older adults—the special medical, emotional, ethical, and legal challenges that are associated with later life. With this course, you’ll develop skills and knowledge in both of these crucial areas. And you will see how the collaborative, respectful, and supportive relationship you build with your staff members can be replicated between them and their clients. This course is for both new and experienced supervisors.

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