Mental Health in Aging Certificate

Enrich your understanding of the major mental health conditions and substance abuse concerns facing older adults. This Certificate provides social workers and other health and social service practitioners with the information and training they need to work with older adults who have cognitive and behavioral health concerns. Topics include dementia, depression, suicide prevention, and substance use and abuse.

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Anna Stathopoulou
Online Training Manager

Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

Learn the differences between depression, delirium, and dementia. Understand the staging framework for the progression of Alzheimer’s disease; identify the pharmacological treatment options, social interventions, and strategies for effective communication. (4 CEUs)More

Compulsive Hoarding in Older Adults

Identify key behavioral manifestations of compulsive hoarding among older adults. Explore the research findings on compulsive hoarding. Describe practitioner roles and intervention strategies. (4 CEUs)More

Mental Health and Aging Issues

Learn about administration of standardized mental health assessments and diagnostic tools for older adults. Recognize the common mental health conditions in the older adult population and how legal and ethical issues may arise. (4 CEUs)More

Treatment Approach for Advanced Substance Use

There are various theories about the causes of addictive behavior. This course examines tailoring treatment interventions to the client’s continuum of change. This course pays particular attention to the benefits of motivational interviewing therapy as the client moves along a continuum of change. (4 CEUs)

Suicide Prevention Among Older Adults

Use suicide prevention tools such as risk factors and assessment techniques in practice settings to identify suicide risk. Explore legal, ethical, practice, and policy issues. (4 CEUs)More

Training Program Cost: $500.00
Typical number of CEUs: 21