Foundation in Aging Certificate

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary for effective practice in the growing field of aging services. Through five essential modules, the Certificate provides an overview of the major elements of the aging process from a biological, psychological, social and environmental perspective; how these elements relate to the assessment process; and how to effectively utilize this knowledge in working with older adults. This Certificate is indispensable for those entering the field as well as those with experience who are looking to further develop their general knowledge and skills.

CADER Online Learning Programs
Anna Stathopoulou
Online Training Manager

A Guide to the Aging and Disability Networks

This course is intended to acquaint workers with the variety of services available to older adults and people with disabilities through programs funded and supported by federal and state governments and administered by state and local agencies…..More

Core Issues in Aging and Disability

Understand how disability and age can affect functioning and quality of life. Learn about the philosophy of consumer choice, the background of home and community-based services, the ethics of social service work, and the federal laws that affect disability and aging. (5 CEUs)More

Geriatric Assessment and Care Planning

Discover the core elements of a comprehensive geriatric assessment and the skills needed to complete this geriatric assessment, such as key diversity, legal and ethical considerations, current practice, and policy issues. (4 CEUs)More

Mental Health and Aging Issues

Learn about administration of standardized mental health assessments and diagnostic tools for older adults. Recognize the common mental health conditions in the older adult population and how legal and ethical issues may arise. (4 CEUs)More

Substance Abuse Among Older Adults

Identify signs, symptoms, and patterns of substance use and addictive disorders in older adults. Explore interventions tactics and policy issues for an older adult experiencing problems related to substance use. (4 CEUs)More

Training Program Cost: $500.00
Typical number of CEUs: 21