Care Management Certificate

Address your need to stay current with the latest developments in care management and care coordination. The passage of the healthcare reform makes this certificate a vital resource for social workers and other health and social service practitioners. Providing coordinated care and care management are becoming increasingly important in connecting older adults to needed services and assisting them in remaining independent. This certificate provides participants with an understanding of the core functions and responsibilities of care management and care coordination, an introduction to care transitions, and a review of the resources available to support care in the community.

CADER Online Learning Programs
Anna Stathopoulou
Online Training Manager

Care Management Practice

Recognize the contributions of care management with older adults and those with disabilities who are in need of assistance. Learn about long-term-care management services and resources that empower and enable individuals with chronic functional or cognitive limitations to obtain the highest level of independence. (2 CEUs)More

Care Transitions

As moves between different levels of care, settings, and providers increasingly characterize the health and long-term-care experience of older adults, proper planning and management of care transitions has become an essential skill for social service practitioners who work with elders and their families. (4 CEUs)More

Core Issues in Aging and Disability

Understand how disability and age can affect functioning and quality of life. Learn about the philosophy of consumer choice, the background of home and community-based services, the ethics of social service work, and the federal laws that affect disability and aging. (5 CEUs)More

Geriatric Assessment and Care Planning

Discover the core elements of a comprehensive geriatric assessment and the skills needed to complete this geriatric assessment, such as key diversity, legal and ethical considerations, current practice, and policy issues. (4 CEUs)More

A Guide to the Aging and Disability Networks

Explore a broad overview of aging and key federal, state, and local resources. Examine the connections between geriatric assessment, resource identification, and care planning. Learn how eligibility and accessibility impact utilization of federal, state, and local programs. (4 CEUs)More

Training Program Cost: $500.00 

Typical number of CEUs: 19