BWHS newsletters are sent to BWHS participants twice a year. Issues provide updates about research progress and results, report on study news, and address various health topics. Click on the links below to read any issue.

BWHS_Spring2018_coverSpring 2018

  • Research on incontinence and periodontal disease
  • New study on insomnia treatment
  • Breast cancer research
  • Mammography study update


BWHS_Fall2017newslettercoverFall 2017

  • Going green in the BWHS
  • Follow-up on Dr. MLK Jr’s march in Boston
  • BWHS research updates
  • Health of Black women in England

winter 2017 newsletter coverWinter 2017

  • Sitting and your health
  • Honoring a fighter for civil rights
  • Microbes: A new research area in the BWHS


summer 2016 newsletter cover onlySummer 2016

  • Characteristics of BWHS participants today
  • Our 24/7 society
  • New Advisory Board members
  • Recent research findings


BWHS Winter 2015-16 newsletter cover_Page_1Winter 2015-16

  • Collaboration with Black Women’s Health Imperative
  • BWHS After 20 Years
  • BWHS Research on Lupus; Triple Negative Breast Cancer


bwhs spring 2015 research report coverSpring 2015

  • BWHS: 20 Years of Research


July 2014 newsletter coverJuly 2014

  • BWHS 20th anniversary
  • BWHS Advisory Board
  • Getting Older


Jan2014BWHSNewsletter_Page_1January 2014

  • Blood sample collection
  • Stress and illness
  • Good news about coffee


newsletter July 2013 coverJuly 2013

  • The BWHS examines stress and illness
  • Health recommendations
  • New BWHS cancer research


January_2013_Newsletter_Page_1January 2013

  • NIH supports BWHS for five more years
  • Collecting blood samples
  • Heart disease study with Howard University
  • Sugar-sweetened drinks and health


July_2012_NewsletterJuly 2012

  • Who’s in the BWHS?
  • The health effects of air pollution
  • New research findings


    January_2012_NewsletterJanuary 2012

    • BWHS to study triple negative breast cancer
    • Recent research findings
    • A new investigator joins the BWHS


      July_2011_NewsletterJuly 2011

      • The how and why of the BWHS
      • New BWHS research areas
      • Vitamin D — How much is enough
      • News about the BWHS


        January 2011January_2011_Newsletter

        • The BWHS studies sarcoidosis
        • Participant thoughts on healthy eating
        • Other BWHS research


          July 2010July_2010_Newsletter

          • How BWHS Research relates to First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign for health eating and against obesity in kids



              January 2010 January_2010_Newsletter

              • The BWHS at 15
              • Breast cancer subtypes
              • Pregnancy and weight gain
              • Other BWHS research


                July 2009July_2009_Newsletter

                • Funding, New BWHS investigator
                • New BWHS results
                • 2009 survey questions
                • Completing the BWHS survey on the web


                  January 2009January_2009_Newsletter

                  • A message from Dr. Adams-Campbell
                  • News about diabetes
                  • Genes and the BWHS
                  • A visit to the BWHS


                  July 2008July_2008_Newsletter

                  • New studies at the BWHS
                  • Medical screening tests
                  • New BWHS research on diabetes


                  January 2008January_2008_Newsletter

                  • Joining hands to improve health
                  • Lowering the risk of diabetes
                  • Voices from the BWHS
                  • BWHS Advisory Board meeting


                  July 2007July_2007_Newsletter

                  • Activities in the BWHS
                  • News from the BWHS
                  • Alternative approaches to health and illness
                  • Blood collection in the BWHS


                  January 2007January_2007_Newsletter

                  • News from the BWHS
                  • Stress, coping, and health in the BWHS
                  • Recent mental health research in the BWHS


                  July 2006July_2006_Newsletter

                  • BWHS in the news
                  • Food and health
                  • What’s good and bad to eat?
                  • What’s going on in the BWHS


                  January 2006January_2006_Newsletter

                  • What’s going on in the BWHS
                  • From your survey responses to study results: Female hormone supplements and breast cancer — Hair relaxers and preterm birth — Physical activity and symptoms of depression — Use of mammography screening


                  Fall 2005Fall_2005_Newsletter

                  • Spotlight on lupus: A new study
                  • Profiles of Howard University investigators
                  • Update on the mouthwash study
                  • Voices from the BWHS

                  January 2005January_2005_Newsletter

                  • BWHS 10th anniversary newsletter


                  July 2004July_2004_Newsletter

                  • Answers to some questions about the BWHS
                  • Findings from the BWHS
                  • What do women in the BWHS do for their Health?


                  January 2004January_2004_Newsletter

                  • Diabetes – A growing epidemic
                  • 2003 Health Survey
                  • BWHS findings on fibroids


                  July 2003July_2003_Newsletter

                  • Key components of the Howard University National Human Genome Center
                  • BWHS-Howard Genetics Project
                  • Recent findings from the BWHS


                  January 2003January_2003_Newsletter

                  • More About female hormones
                  • Racism and health
                  • The BWHS and Public Policy


                  July 2002July_2002_Newsletter

                  • All About uterine fibroids
                  • African-American health in the news


                    January 2002January_2002_Newsletter

                    • Hormone replacement therapy – benefits and risks
                    • News from the BWHS


                      July 2001July_2001_Newsletter

                      • Food data from the BWHS
                      • Mouthwash study
                      • Physical activity validation in the BWHS


                      January 2001January_2001_Newsletter

                      • The why and how of the BWHS


                      July 2000July_2000_Newsletter

                      • Black women’s health in the media
                      • Racism: A health issue
                      • What’s going on in the BWHS


                      January 2000January_2000_Newsletter

                      • Physical activity in the BWHS — Exercise and your heart
                      • Coronary heart disease in the BWHS — Exercise to prevent coronary heart disease
                      • News from the BWHS


                      July 1999July_1999_Newsletter

                      • Questions and answers
                      • What’s going on in the BWHS
                      • Scientific presentations from the BWHS


                      January 1999January_1999_Newsletter

                      • Special studies within the BWHS
                      • Mammography and breast cancer


                      Summer 1998Summer_1998_Newsletter

                      • Design of the BWHS
                      • A personal journey to improved health
                      • A profile of BWHS investigators
                      • A snapshot of BWHS participants


                      Fall 1997Fall_1997_Newsletter

                      • The BWHS since 1995
                      • Health concerns of BWHS participants
                      • Research results