Your Readiness Network

How do I find my Readiness Leader and Power Users?

Click the following link to access the Consolidated List of Readiness Leaders and Power Users sorted by organization (last update: October, 2012).

Experienced University employees and co-workers dedicated to helping you learn the new system.

BUworks realizes one of the most effective ways to learn new business processes is for you to partner with those coworkers and seasoned employees who have a deep understanding of your unit’s role and systems.  To support you through the implementation, and help you apply your training to your everyday work, we have established a Readiness Network of Readiness Leaders, Ambassadors and Power Users.

What is a Readiness Leader?

Readiness Leaders will help bridge the gap between BUworks and various schools, colleges and administrative areas. Appointed by senior leadership, Readiness Leaders work with the BUworks team to understand what will change, the implications for their unit, and how they will manage the changes resulting from the SAP implementation. They are responsible for communicating, educating, and providing positive direction to support employees in their respective organizations.

What is a Power User?

Power Users are typically the early learners and early adopters of new technology. Their initial role is to help the BUworks Program team with system related tasks, such as integration testing. Power Users are among the first to be trained on the new system.  By gaining an understanding of the SAP system early in the process, they can also assist with training employees and provide support within their units after Go-Live.  Who are my Power Users?