Program Execution

The day-to-day activity of BUworks is the responsibility of the Program Executive and the program team. The program team oversees a number of other temporary working groups.

Program Executive

The Program Executive has overall responsibility for the program, provides senior management authority for BUworks, serves as a liaison between the Executive Steering Committee and program sponsors, oversees the program team, and secures the dedicated resources necessary to the program, including people, time, and money.

Program Executive: Peter Smokowski, Vice President of Auxiliaries

Program Team

The BUworks program team has responsibility for the successful completion of each phase of the program. This includes managing the scope, the budget, the schedule, and the quality of the completed work.

The program team was created at the outset of planning for BUworks and will continue to operate throughout the life of the program. The group will expand to include members drawn from areas across the University as new project phases are undertaken and new types of expertise are required.

Program Team Members:

Name Title Phone Email
Ken Weeden Executive Director, BUworks Program 617-353-4276 kweeden
Shridhar Kulkarni Director, Human Capital Management (HCM) 617-358-6858  shkulkar
Scott Forrester Director, HCM Business Process Support 617-358-5377  sforrest
Ines Garrant Director of Finance/Procurement, BUworks 617-358-5375 igarrant
Larry O’Toole Director of Technology, BUworks 617-358-5376 lotoole
Mark Faria Director of Reporting, IS&T 617-353-9009 mfaria
Rich Janis Director of Organizational Change Management 617-353-6065 rjanis

Ad Hoc Committees

Several committees, task forces, or working groups will be required as BUworks moves forward. Some examples include: