Improvement: Transaction Approval Workflow, Request Tracker, Personnel Action Forms

June 28th, 2012 in Human Capital Management

Payroll Coordinators and Managers

As a result of feedback received, improvements have been made to approval workflows, tracking and personnel actions forms.  These improvements include:

Streamlined Workflow Approvals

HCM transactions/forms that meet certain criteria (e.g., non-compensated positions, temporary hires) will  not require Budget office and/or Provost office approvals moving forward.  This allows for quicker transaction completion time.

Departmental View on the Enhanced Tracker

The enhanced Request Tracking application that was rolled out on 5/25/12 will now have an expanded “Departmental View” which allows users to view all HCM transactions/requests related to their department in addition to the transactions they initiated.  The default view will be of the “Initiator” and the user will be able to toggle between the “Initiator” and “Departmental” views.

New PA Forms for Faculty Actions Managers

Faculty Action Managers will now more easily be able to maintain the employee records for faculty within their schools using the following three newly developed forms. These forms update the records directly in SAP and do not go through any Workflow approvals.

  • Faculty Data Maintenance – used to maintain appointment and contract information
  • Education Update – allows the ability to add any additional degree(s) obtained by the employee
  • Non-Continuance/Non-Reappointment – used to track notices of non-continuance/non-reappointments


Detailed work instructions are located online in the Human Resources folder.  Click to access.  If you have any questions please contact the IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357.


Shridhar Kulkarni

Director, BUworks Human Capital Management

Hiring Temporary Employees

June 28th, 2012 in Human Capital Management

Payroll Coordinators, Managers, Readiness Leaders and Power Users

Over the past several months, a working  group that included representatives from central departments, payroll coordinators from various schools and colleges, and BUworks developed a streamlined process for hiring and compensating temporary employees. Please share this information with members of your organization who are involved in this process.

Summary of Key Improvements

  • For control and reporting purposes, all individuals hired as temporary employees, require an approved position in BUworks/SAP to be compensated through Payroll, eliminating the use of paper Temporary Employee Payment Vouchers (TEPVs).
  • Temporary positions may be created in “bulk” to expedite the position creation process. When a temporary employee is terminated, the position will automatically be opened to allow for other hires without requiring position maintenance.
  • A standardized set of job categories, titles, job coding and compensation ranges has been established for employees hired as non-agency Boston University temporary employees.
  • The temporary hire process and coding of temporary employee records will follow business rules aligned with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) benefits regulations.
  • The approval paths within the standardized set of temporary jobs and coding have been streamlined.
  • The term “casual” has been eliminated and replaced by “temporary”.


A set of guidelines has been created and is now available on the Human Resources website in the Managers Toolkit under Hiring Temporary Employees. (Click here)


For any questions on the Charles River Campus, please contact Marilyn Walsh at 353-4720 or your Human Resources Consultant at 353-4044; on the Medical Campus please contact Boris Lazic at 638-4612 or your Human Resources Consultant at 638-4610.

Hourly/Non-Exempt Timesheets for June 25–July 1

June 26th, 2012 in Human Capital Management

Timekeepers and Managers

Please communicate this information to all weekly paid employees in your business units.  Due to the July 4th holiday next Wednesday, all non-exempt employee timesheets for the June 25th – July 1st payroll period must be released and approved by noon this Monday, July 2nd, 2012.

It is important that those employees who work Monday through Friday this week enter and release their hours for this pay period this Friday, June 29, providing managers/timekeepers adequate time to approve timesheets before the Monday noon deadline.  Those who work weekends should try to release their time by Sunday July 1st.

Employees taking time off the week of July 2-8th who are eligible for holiday pay, should enter July 4th as “BU Holiday Pay (1012)” and enter remaining hours for the week using the appropriate Absence/Attendance Type(s).  The Time Management Team requests that employees and managers please plan ahead for time entry, release and approvals.  Below are a few tips:

  • Please make sure that there is a “back-up” approver for those who normally approve, but will be unable to approve remotely.
  • It is recommended that the entire process (entering hours – releasing hours – approving hours) be completed by the end of the day on Friday, June 29th, 2012.
  • If an employee plans on taking vacation or personal time during the last week of June, make sure that the Manager/Timekeeper knows how to “release/approve” time in the future (employees do not have the ability to perform this task):

Help link for Managers

Help link for Timekeepers

If you have any questions or anticipate any challenges regarding this early deadline, please call me at 617-358-4817 or email me at  Thank you.



Jeff Small

Time Management Administrator

Boston University – Human Resources Department

Shopping and Approval Enhancements Coming Next Week

June 19th, 2012 in Finance

Shoppers and Approvers

Several enhancements are being released as part of BUworks Phase 3 implementation.  These enhancements include:

·   Product category selections simplified from over 9000 to fewer than 100 core selection categories

·   Adjustments to Shopping Cart approval paths, improving the accuracy of routing

·   Additional supplier punchout catalogs for shopping convenience

·   Terrier Marketplace includes additional suppliers for expanded one-stop shopping capability

·   Purchase Order approval process for change orders

Stay tuned for the release of these improvements on June 28.

Best Regards,


Richard Stack

Director of Sourcing and Procurement


Ines Garrant

BUworks, Director of Financial Systems

Coming in July! Enhancements to BUworks Online Help

June 18th, 2012 in BUworks - General

As a result of community feedback, changes coming in July will significantly enhance your experience with BUworks Online Help. The site will have a new look and, in addition:

  • The landing page currently titled “Employee Learning Solutions” will be renamed to “BUworks Online Help” and will provide a much-improved way to navigate the learning tools.
  • The site will provide brief instructional videos for processing transactions.
  • Simple process maps will show the sequence or flow of transactions and give context to the detailed instructions.

We will post an announcement again, in July, when the changes go into place. Meanwhile, if you have any problems or questions related to Online Help or the use of BUworks, please feel free to contact the IT Help Center: or call 617-353-4357.

Purchase Order Close Out Report

June 12th, 2012 in Finance

Shoppers and Approvers

With Fiscal Year end approaching, it is important that shoppers review all open purchase orders to identify those that can be closed and any remaining encumbered funds which can be released and returned to appropriate budgets.  Before closing purchase orders, shoppers must contact their supplier to ensure that there are no payments awaiting payment against their purchase order.  Once a PO has been closed, it cannot be re-opened

This new report provides users the capability to examine purchase orders by:

  • Identifying all purchase orders which have been marked as paid
  • Allowing comparison of quantity ordered and quantity invoiced
  • Allowing comparison of the value of items ordered and the value of the items invoiced

The data in the report is refreshed overnight, therefore the detail for a PO created today will be available the next day.  Once open purchase orders have been identified for closing, the Sourcing and Procurement Office should be notified,, so the POs can be closed.

For detailed work instructions, please refer to the How to Run – Open SRM PO Close Out Report work instructions in the Reporting folder.  Click to access.  If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357.



Ines Garrant

Director, BUworks Financial Systems


Richard Stack

Director, Sourcing and Procurement

Boston University

Reminder to Designate a Substitute to Approve Worklist Items

June 12th, 2012 in Finance, Human Capital Management

Payroll Coordinators and Managers

Please be sure to assign an appropriate Substitute for Approvals when you are going on vacation. Without a Substitute, requests will be stuck in your Worklist, which can result in missed deadlines and delayed transaction processing (e.g., approvals for creating positions, time off requests, personnel actions and payroll).

For detailed work instructions on assigning a Substitute, please refer to the Worklist User Guide (Substitutions) in the Human Resource folder. If you have any further questions please contact the IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357.

Thank you,

Shridhar Kulkarni
Director – Human Capital Management

Enhancements to Request Tracking

May 24th, 2012 in Human Capital Management

Managers and Payroll Coordinators

Request Tracking Enhancements

The Request Tracking application has been enhanced to provide expanded search capabilities, more specific information about where a form is in workflow, and the individual who is currently holding the form. The enhancements will be implemented and effective May 25.

  • Improved Search – Users can select the status drop-down to filter their HCM transactions according to those in process, submitted, completed, or rejected. Alternatively, Specific Search enables users to filter Organizational Management and Personnel Actions including position ID, BUID, personnel number, approver name, date and time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As an additional enhancement, the new data fields will be populated for older transactions so users are able to use the new Specific Search capabilities to search for transactions submitted from July 1 2011 – May 25 2012.  However, for some transactions, historical information may not be available to populate certain fields.

  • New Screen Layout Features Additional columns have been added to the screen providing more detailed information including an employee’s BUID number, personnel number and a position’s ID. Users now will be able to find the position IDs of newly created positions, BUID and personnel numbers of newly hired employees on the screen.  Additionally, the application now allows you to select the number of rows to display on the screen (10 rows or more).
  • Workflow Current Agents – Users now will be able to quickly identify the individual(s) processing their request and their contact information, by clicking on the Current Agent field.
  • Display Approvals – Shows anticipated path of approvals and history of actual approvals with time and date stamp.

Important Note: Open searches with no dates, tracking number, or request type are not recommended, because this may slow down system performance when a user has many historical transactions available.


Detailed work instructions and a quick reference guide for Request Tracking are located online in the Human Resources folder.  Click to access. If you have any questions please contact the IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357.


Shridhar Kulkarni

Director, Human Capital Management


Enhancements to Personnel Action (PA) Forms

May 24th, 2012 in Human Capital Management

Managers and Payroll Coordinators

In response to community feedback, enhancements have been made to the Personnel Action (PA) forms to improve overall usability. The enhancements will be implemented and effective May 25.

Personnel Action (PA) Forms:

  • Revised Header on all PA Forms* includes expanded employee information including employment date, status, percentage time employed, salary, hourly rate, base rate, and assignment duration. * Except the New Hire/Re-Hire/Additional Assignment form.
  • New “Recalculate Salary” button on the Employee Position Update, Transfer, and Position Change forms will recalculate the annual salary based on data changes. Buttons on the New Hire forms will calculate the regular hours as well as the estimated annual salary.
  • Information fields have been renamed on PA Forms:
PA Form Field Name Renamed to . . .
Additional Payments Form Effective Date Effective/Start Date of Payment
Faculty Contract Update Form Date of Action Contract Effective Date
Leave of Absence Form Date of Action Leave/Return Effective Date
Recurring Payments Form Effective Date All Recurring Payments Active as of this Date
Salary Change Form Date of Action Salary Change Effective Date
Salary Cost Distribution Form Date of Action Cost Distribution Effective Date
Transfer Form Date of Action Transfer Effective Date
Position Change Form Date of Action Position Change Effective Date
Retirement Action Form Date of Action Retirement Effective Date
Transfer Form Date of Action Transfer Effective Date


  • Work Schedule Pull Down Window populates with key information and descriptions
  • Retirement Form – Last Day Worked and Last Day Paid fields are updated on the backend using the Retirement Effective Date
  • Salary Change Form When a pay level has been changed for L615, Personnel Sub-Area 0140, the associated hourly rate is automatically populated.
  • Leave of Absence Form has been revised to have the same look and feel as other PA forms. Users can now enter the Leave/Return Effective Date and select Continue Editing Form to update the leave data.


Detailed work instructions for processing Personnel Action Forms are located online in the Human Resources folder.  Click to access. If you have any questions please contact the IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357.


Shridhar Kulkarni

Director, Human Capital Management



“Missing Cost Distributions” Report

May 23rd, 2012 in Reporting

Payroll Coordinators

We have implemented a new program that updates the Missing Cost Distributions to ensure payroll runs smoothly. One day prior to the weekly and monthly payroll runs, a report will be distributed to Payroll Coordinators listing those employees whose HR records (containing expired or invalid cost distributions) have been updated by this program.  A sample report is provided below.

Action Required: If you receive a report, prior to the next scheduled payroll run, submit the appropriate form to update the employee’s cost distribution with the correct distribution information. The next time payroll is run, the incorrect distribution will be reversed and replaced with the corrected distribution (fund center, internal order, or specified grant).  If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Office please contact BU Payroll at 617-353-2270 or e-mail



Cheryl DiMuro

Director, Payroll

Comptroller Office


Shridhar Kulkarni

Director, Human Capital Management



Sample “Missing Cost Distributions” Report: