New Funds Management Reports

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April 20th, 2012

Readiness Leaders and Power Users,

Please pass this message on to members of your team who may be interested in this information.

As many of you know, Financial Affairs and the Budget Office led working group sessions with the university community to develop more user friendly and streamlined “Budget to Actuals” reports for end users.  After much effort, work and dedication from our working group, BUworks, and IS&T, we are pleased to announce the launch of these new Funds Management reports.

These reports are located in their own folder on the left hand side of the Reporting tab of BUworks Central.  They are named New FM Account Summary Reports.  Included in this folder are the following reports:

  • Unrestricted Budget to Actual by Fund Center (FC)
  • Unrestricted Budget to Actual by FC GL/CI Detail
  • Designated/Restricted Balance & Activity
  • Designated/Restricted Balance Activity GL/CI Detail
  • Transaction Detail
  • Transaction Detail/Payroll Detail (Authorized Users)

These reports follow the same principles of the Grants Management reports as they give a more focused view and allow for drill down capabilities.  They do differ from the Grants Management reports since they still allow for the use of free characteristics and filters at the end user’s discretion.  Since these reports are intended for financial administrators and not faculty, we wanted to still provide flexibility to departments.

You will also notice the new Designated/Restricted Balance reports allow you to see both the fund balance and actual detail transactions in the same report.

As we prepare for year-end, the Budget Office and the Comptroller’s Office will be working with BUworks to offer training on these new reports.  BUworks will be sending out a communication shortly.

Below are two links to the work instructions for these reports:



Thank you again for all your patience and help as we work to make our new system better.Preview


Gillian Emmons - University Comptroller, Financial Affairs

Derek Howe - Vice President, Budget and Planning