Business Warehouse (BW) Cycle Improvements – Aug 18 and 19

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August 17th, 2012

UPDATE: Business Warehouse (BW) Cycle Improvements and Initiation of the Cycle Optimization Project

Within the past few weeks, the BW team has worked to identify and test a series of improvements that will increase the efficiency and timeliness of the nightly BW data load cycle for reporting.

Below is a list of BW nightly load cycle improvements that will be migrated to production this weekend.  As a result of these improvements, we expect the cycle to improve by at least one hour; with a regular completion time well before 8:00AM.  This change is being implemented in advance of the work to be done as part of the Cycle Optimization Project (described further below) where we anticipate additional improvements as we proceed in conjunction with BUworks, mainframe, and other teams to improve efficiencies and interdependencies of the entire end-to-end nightly process.

Initial cycle improvements being put in place this weekend include:

1.       Optimization of Some SRM Data Load Code– Brings the total runtime for a particular process down from 4 hours to 4 minutes.

2.       Elimination of Unnecessary Steps of the Load Cycle–  Saves approx. 90 minutes of time and allows new Phase3 PBC reporting loads to finish by 6:30AM (estimated).

3.       Introduction of New Text “Scrub” Transformation Routine– Removes erroneous character-set issues that otherwise cause load failures and create a hard-stop in the cycle.  This occurred previously if illegitimate characters were passed from the data source into the Business Warehouse (where such data issues cause failures). This one change should greatly improve the reliability and likelihood of full cycle completion.

4.       Grants Management (GM) Loads to Start Approx. 2 Hours Earlier–  After consulting with functional teams, we are moving the Grants Management (GM) loads to start almost 2 hours earlier; now at 1:30AM.  As such, this takes fuller advantage of parallel processing and should yield a significantly earlier delivery of GM reporting.

5.       Code Review and Improvements of 2 HCM Processes– Will reduce related load processing time by approximately 45 minutes

6.       Introduction of Analytical Metric Tracking and Statistics Enhancements– To better capture and understand the dynamics and trends of load cycles

In addition to these improvements, the Cycle Optimization Project has begun this week.  It is a targeted project to have the entire BW cycle fully optimized.  The BW Team has been augmented with additional resources to assist with this effort and there is an equivalent effort with up-stream SAP processes.  It is anticipated that the full set of long-term BW cycle improvements will be in place by mid-October.

The long term goal being pursued collectively among all BUworks functional teams, the BW reporting team, and representatives from mainframe and other integrated system processes, is to achieve an end-to-end event-driven process with greatly improved cycle monitoring and management routines.