Error Message – Non-Exempt Absence Code 2028 Reached Limit

in Human Capital Management
July 16th, 2012

Timekeepers and Managers

Absence Code 2028 is used to convert non-exempt sick time to personal time.  There are annual limits to the amount of time that can be recorded as personal time.  As of Friday, July 13, 2012, when a non-exempt employee or timekeeper enters hours using absence code 2028 that exceed the annual allowed time, the following warning message will appear:

[Note: The number of hours displayed in the message will reflect what the employee is entitled to for each contract or calendar year, based on the hours worked per week (i.e., 35, 37.5 or 40 hours per week).  For more information, see the appropriate Bargaining Unit Agreement or the Non-Represented Employee Handbook.]

When Will the Error Message Appear?

The message will appear when time is being entered under the Personal Day (Conv Sick) absence code 2028 if the annual hour limit will be exceeded.  Example: If a non-exempt employee is entitled to 16 hours annually but has previously used 12 and then attempts to enter 8 more, the error message will appear.

Who Receives the Error Message?

This message will be seen by the person inputting time for the non-exempt employee (whose time has reached the limit). This means that the message could be seen by the non-exempt employee him/herself, the timekeeper, or the manager (if the manager inputs the employee’s time).

What To Do If You Receive the Error Message?

The message is simply a warning. The person inputting time that coincides with the Personal Day (Conv Sick) absence code 2028 could accidentally hit the enter key and bypass the message.  If you receive the message, please enter the allowable time remaining for sick code 2028 and select an alternative absence code for the remaining time being submitted.

How To Monitor?

With proper monitoring, using the system tools described below, the manager and timekeeper can quickly identify an error in Personal Converted from Sick limits.  Timekeepers and managers can run the Display Working Time report (cats_da) in the WebGUI and MSS respectively.  A variant has been created to assist you in quickly executing the report.  Use the links below to see screenshots of the following:

·         Select Get Variant

·         08. PERSCONVSIC if bargaining agreement follows the fiscal year

·         09. PERSCONVSIC for the calendar year (non-represented employees)

·         Enter your three-digit mail code or range of mail codes, or the employee’s Person ID (BU ID), in Time Recording Administrator under Selection Criteria

·         Select the Execute button.


Help Link

Help link for managers

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Should you have any questions, or need assistance with the reports, please contact Jeff Small, Time Management Administrator,, 617-358-4817 or Mark Spengler, BUworks Time Management Lead,, 617-358-6872.