Shopping and Approval Enhancements are Live

in Finance, Procurement
June 28th, 2012

Shoppers and Approvers

The following enhancements are being released today as part of the BUworks Phase 3 implementation:

  1. Product Category selections have been simplified from over 9000 to approximately 100 core selection categories.
  2. Adjustments to Shopping Cart approval paths will improve the accuracy of routing.
  3. Additional supplier Punch-Out Catalogs are available for your convenience (Audio Visual Innovations and W.W. Grainger, Inc.).
  4. Terrier Marketplace includes additional suppliers for expanded one-stop shopping capability.
  5. A new Purchase Order approval process is in place for change orders.

About the New Product Category Selections

Product Categories make it possible to group together similar products or services within a BU business context.  In order to simplify the Shopping Cart ordering process, over 9,000 numerical categories have been consolidated, leaving approximately 100 core selection categories to choose from. The Shopping Cart upgrade will also streamline General Ledger (GL) mapping and improve Business Warehouse (BW) spend management reporting.

About the New Purchase Order Approval Process

Purchase Order changes will route to the appropriate Department or Compliance Approvers whenever the change triggers such an action (e.g. changing a Product Category).  Change Orders will route to department Approvers whenever a new Account Assignment is added to the Purchase Order, or if a Purchase Order increase exceeds $5,000.00.

Approvers will receive email notifications for PO Approval requests, just as they do for Shopping Cart Approval requests.  The link in the email notification will bring the Approver to his or her SAP worklist.  The actual approval steps will be very similar to those used to approve other SAP documents.  Change Orders will not be sent to the vendor, nor will invoices that do not match the initial PO be processed until the Change Order is fully approved.


If you have any questions, please contact the Buyers at Sourcing and Procurement.


Richard Stack

Director of Sourcing and Procurement


Ines Garrant

BUworks, Director of Financial Systems