Improvement: Transaction Approval Workflow, Request Tracker, Personnel Action Forms

in Human Capital Management
June 28th, 2012

Payroll Coordinators and Managers

As a result of feedback received, improvements have been made to approval workflows, tracking and personnel actions forms.  These improvements include:

Streamlined Workflow Approvals

HCM transactions/forms that meet certain criteria (e.g., non-compensated positions, temporary hires) will  not require Budget office and/or Provost office approvals moving forward.  This allows for quicker transaction completion time.

Departmental View on the Enhanced Tracker

The enhanced Request Tracking application that was rolled out on 5/25/12 will now have an expanded “Departmental View” which allows users to view all HCM transactions/requests related to their department in addition to the transactions they initiated.  The default view will be of the “Initiator” and the user will be able to toggle between the “Initiator” and “Departmental” views.

New PA Forms for Faculty Actions Managers

Faculty Action Managers will now more easily be able to maintain the employee records for faculty within their schools using the following three newly developed forms. These forms update the records directly in SAP and do not go through any Workflow approvals.

  • Faculty Data Maintenance – used to maintain appointment and contract information
  • Education Update – allows the ability to add any additional degree(s) obtained by the employee
  • Non-Continuance/Non-Reappointment – used to track notices of non-continuance/non-reappointments


Detailed work instructions are located online in the Human Resources folder.  Click to access.  If you have any questions please contact the IT Help Center at or 617-353-4357.


Shridhar Kulkarni

Director, BUworks Human Capital Management