Hiring Temporary Employees

in Human Capital Management
June 28th, 2012

Payroll Coordinators, Managers, Readiness Leaders and Power Users

Over the past several months, a working  group that included representatives from central departments, payroll coordinators from various schools and colleges, and BUworks developed a streamlined process for hiring and compensating temporary employees. Please share this information with members of your organization who are involved in this process.

Summary of Key Improvements

  • For control and reporting purposes, all individuals hired as temporary employees, require an approved position in BUworks/SAP to be compensated through Payroll, eliminating the use of paper Temporary Employee Payment Vouchers (TEPVs).
  • Temporary positions may be created in “bulk” to expedite the position creation process. When a temporary employee is terminated, the position will automatically be opened to allow for other hires without requiring position maintenance.
  • A standardized set of job categories, titles, job coding and compensation ranges has been established for employees hired as non-agency Boston University temporary employees.
  • The temporary hire process and coding of temporary employee records will follow business rules aligned with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) benefits regulations.
  • The approval paths within the standardized set of temporary jobs and coding have been streamlined.
  • The term “casual” has been eliminated and replaced by “temporary”.


A set of guidelines has been created and is now available on the Human Resources website in the Managers Toolkit under Hiring Temporary Employees. (Click here)


For any questions on the Charles River Campus, please contact Marilyn Walsh at 353-4720 or your Human Resources Consultant at 353-4044; on the Medical Campus please contact Boris Lazic at 638-4612 or your Human Resources Consultant at 638-4610.