Purchase Order Close Out Report

in Finance
June 12th, 2012

Shoppers and Approvers

With Fiscal Year end approaching, it is important that shoppers review all open purchase orders to identify those that can be closed and any remaining encumbered funds which can be released and returned to appropriate budgets.  Before closing purchase orders, shoppers must contact their supplier to ensure that there are no payments awaiting payment against their purchase order.  Once a PO has been closed, it cannot be re-opened

This new report provides users the capability to examine purchase orders by:

  • Identifying all purchase orders which have been marked as paid
  • Allowing comparison of quantity ordered and quantity invoiced
  • Allowing comparison of the value of items ordered and the value of the items invoiced

The data in the report is refreshed overnight, therefore the detail for a PO created today will be available the next day.  Once open purchase orders have been identified for closing, the Sourcing and Procurement Office should be notified, sourcing@bu.edu, so the POs can be closed.

For detailed work instructions, please refer to the How to Run – Open SRM PO Close Out Report work instructions in the Reporting folder.  Click to access.  If you have any questions, please contact the IT Help Center at ithelp@bu.edu or 617-353-4357.



Ines Garrant

Director, BUworks Financial Systems


Richard Stack

Director, Sourcing and Procurement

Boston University