Enhancements to Personnel Action (PA) Forms

in Human Capital Management
May 24th, 2012

Managers and Payroll Coordinators

In response to community feedback, enhancements have been made to the Personnel Action (PA) forms to improve overall usability. The enhancements will be implemented and effective May 25.

Personnel Action (PA) Forms:

  • Revised Header on all PA Forms* includes expanded employee information including employment date, status, percentage time employed, salary, hourly rate, base rate, and assignment duration. * Except the New Hire/Re-Hire/Additional Assignment form.
  • New “Recalculate Salary” button on the Employee Position Update, Transfer, and Position Change forms will recalculate the annual salary based on data changes. Buttons on the New Hire forms will calculate the regular hours as well as the estimated annual salary.
  • Information fields have been renamed on PA Forms:
PA Form Field Name Renamed to . . .
Additional Payments Form Effective Date Effective/Start Date of Payment
Faculty Contract Update Form Date of Action Contract Effective Date
Leave of Absence Form Date of Action Leave/Return Effective Date
Recurring Payments Form Effective Date All Recurring Payments Active as of this Date
Salary Change Form Date of Action Salary Change Effective Date
Salary Cost Distribution Form Date of Action Cost Distribution Effective Date
Transfer Form Date of Action Transfer Effective Date
Position Change Form Date of Action Position Change Effective Date
Retirement Action Form Date of Action Retirement Effective Date
Transfer Form Date of Action Transfer Effective Date


  • Work Schedule Pull Down Window populates with key information and descriptions
  • Retirement Form – Last Day Worked and Last Day Paid fields are updated on the backend using the Retirement Effective Date
  • Salary Change Form When a pay level has been changed for L615, Personnel Sub-Area 0140, the associated hourly rate is automatically populated.
  • Leave of Absence Form has been revised to have the same look and feel as other PA forms. Users can now enter the Leave/Return Effective Date and select Continue Editing Form to update the leave data.


Detailed work instructions for processing Personnel Action Forms are located online in the Human Resources folder.  Click to access. If you have any questions please contact the IT Help Center at ithelp@bu.edu or 617-353-4357.


Shridhar Kulkarni

Director, Human Capital Management