Hiring a Graduating Student Employee

in Human Capital Management
May 23rd, 2012

In order to hire a 2012 graduating student employee after graduation into a casual or regular position at the University, the following procedure will be in place.  Student Employment will need to terminate the student employee prior to the student being hired as a casual or regular full or part time employee. The procedure for terminating a student employee from the current graduating class, so that he/she can then be hired as a casual or full/part-time University employee, is outlined below.

– The last day a student in the class of 2012 can work as a student employee at Boston University is May 20.

– Departments need to notify Student Payroll as soon as possible via email at stupayro@bu.edu, that they plan to hire a May graduate as a casual employee; Human Resources will notify Student Payroll for a student  being hired as a regular full or part-time employee.

This email should include:

  1. Student’s Name
  2. BU I.D. Number
  3. Anticipated start date of the job
  4. Name and phone number of payroll coordinator that Student Payroll should contact once the termination has been entered onto SAP.

Once Student Payroll has updated the student’s SAP record to a terminated status, the department can then complete the normal hiring process for a casual position or Human Resources will complete the hiring process for a regular full or part-time position.

Please Note:  While it is always important that payments for student employees be submitted in a timely manner, it is critical that all payments for students graduating on May 20 be submitted on time.  Any delay in payment can create obstacles and delays in the ability to hire an individual as a casual or full/part-time employee.