Enhancements to MSS Request Tracking Application

in Human Capital Management
December 16th, 2011

Based on feedback from managers, payroll coordinators, and financial administrators who use the MSS Request Tracking application to monitor the status of HR, Payroll, and financial transactions, BUworks will release enhancements to the MSS Request Tracking application on December 21. These changes, noted below, are designed to improve performance and usability.

Previously, all BUworks transactions that were submitted since July 1, 2011 (go-live) were displayed in a user’s tracking window at login. This often resulted in slow response times and cumbersome scrolling for specific, recently submitted transactions.

  • Request Tracking will now display all transactions for a rolling 30-day period. Only the transactions initiated in the last 30 days from the user’s current login date will be loaded and displayed.
  • Users will still have the ability to search for transactions that are older than 30 days by entering a tracking number or by searching by dates and/or request type.
    Please note: Open searches with no dates, tracking number, or request type are not recommended, because this may slow down system performance when a user has many historical transactions available.
  • Also, ten rows of transactions will be displayed in Request Tracking instead of the five rows that were previously displayed.

If you have questions about these changes, please submit a Help Desk ticket and a BUworks representative will respond as soon as possible.

Scott Forrester
Director, HCM Business Process Support