Courtney Walls, MPH

CWallsEntered BURPPE program April 2012

Brief Biography

Courtney received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in the spring of 2006 from College of the Holy Cross and an MPH in biostatistics from Yale in 2008.  She worked as a Biostatistician at Boston Children’s Hospital for nearly 4 years in the Clinical Research Program.  Her work was predominantly with the Department of Adolescent Medicine examining sexual risk behaviors in adolescents, racial and ethnic disparities in weight related outcomes in adolescents, and cardiac function in adolescents with anorexia nervosa.  Courtney is currently studying the prevalence of numerous disease indications in the US, Europe, and Asia with Decision Resources, Inc.  Courtney was a varsity pole vaulter and tutor in college and enjoys volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity.

Research Interests

Courtney’s research interests include pediatric obesity and associated risk factors as well as possible interventions.


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  • Applied Statistics in Clinical Trials II, Fall 2011
  • Nutritional Epidemiology, Fall 2011
  • Intermediate Epidemiology, Spring 2012
  • Logistic Regression and Survival Analysis, Spring 2012
  • Advanced Epidemiology, Fall 2012
  • Design and Conduct of Cohort Studies, Fall 2012
  • Design and Conduct of Case Control Studies, Fall 2012