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A Conversation on Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy with Andrew Bacevich and Stephen Prothero

October 27th, 2010 in Uncategorized 0 comments

<img src=”http://blogs.bu.edu/bunow/files/2010/10/Invitation.jpg” alt=”Invitation” width=”500″ height=”275″ />

Tonight at 7PM in the <a href=”http://www.bu.edu/evcon/non-univ/campus-facilities/george-sherman-union/”>GSU’s 2nd floor Mecalf Hall </a>we are hosting bestselling authors and BU professors <a href=”http://www.bu.edu/ir/faculty/alphabetical/bacevich/”>Andrew Bacevich </a>and <a href=”http://www.stephenprothero.com/”>Stephen Prothero</a> for a discussion on the role played by religious ideas in U.S. public policy today, from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the “Ground Zero Mosque” debate. This interactive event will be moderated by <a href=”http://www.bu.edu/dos/”>Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore</a>, and will be streamed live online.  <strong>The event is free and open to the public</strong>

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