Resume Deadline: ION Trading

All Day
on Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Contact Name:
Jessica Fenerlis
Position: ION Graduate Program Analyst Interview Date: October 30 The ION Graduate Program provides Analysts with the opportunity to experience three different 6-9 month full time rotations within the ION Group. The first rotation takes place in New York; however, Analysts will have the ability to seek opportunities for their later rotations in one of the company’s many offices based in major world financial centres such as London, Chicago, Toronto, Singapore, and Sydney. Each rotation will expose Analysts to a different part of ION’s business, giving them the opportunity to learn from a variety of highly motivated co-workers and managers. Analysts will develop a comprehensive understanding of financial markets and ION’s software products and business solutions by working directly with clients and participating in ongoing training programs which include financial modules, technical software workshops, and management speaker sessions. Throughout this process, Analysts will meet periodically with a mentor who will provide them with feedback and guidance during this early stage of their careers. The goal of the program is to allow Analysts to develop a high level understanding of the ION Group as a whole, while also rapidly building upon their hard and soft skills in order to prepare them to be the future leaders of the company.