MS Thesis Defense: Jeffrey Kittredge

4:00 pm on Monday, August 11, 2014
6:00 pm on Monday, August 11, 2014
8 Saint Mary's Street, Room 339
High Voltage, High Resolution Digital-to-Analog Converter for Driving Deformable Mirrors - Digital-to-analog converters with a range over 50 volts are required for driving micro-electro mechanical system deformable mirrors used in adaptive optics. An existing tested and deployed DM driver has 1024 channels and resolution of 15mV per Least Significant Bit. DMs used in the search for exoplanets require 3mV per LSB resolution. A technique is presented to employ a secondary high resolution and low voltage DAC which has for it’s ground the output of the high voltage DAC. The entire system then has the range of high voltage DAC yet the resolution of the low voltage DAC. A method for providing signal and power to the floating system is given. Rudimentary micro controller firmware and also PC software is presented to achieve complete functionality. The technique uses all off-the-shelf components. Resolution of 1.6mV per LSB, 60V range and 36mW of power per channel is achieved.