Sequencing and Editing with Ernesto Bazan

10:00 am on Sunday, June 16, 2013
5:00 pm on Sunday, June 16, 2013
Internationally acclaimed photographer Ernesto Bazan will lead this special two-day workshop on building and editing a cohesive photography portfolio. The portfolio is the centerpiece of any photographer’s repertoire. Every serious photographer must have a defined, well-produced body of work in order to be considered for publication or exhibition. In this class, you’ll gain invaluable perspective on the editing process as you work to refine your own portfolio. Editing can often be the photographer’s Achilles heel. The challenges abound: sometimes strong images must be culled to clarify the overall intent of a body of work; weak and repetitive images must be removed so they don’t dilute the effect of stronger images; and above all, the photographer’s vision must be highly developed. This workshop is an opportunity to focus intensively on these issues with one of the leading photographers of our day. Ernesto will look at each student’s best images and any projects in-process. The emphasis will be on building a body of work—a portfolio of images that defines you as a photographer. Ernesto will show examples of successful and unsuccessful editing, and discuss how to distill each photographer’s vision into the strongest portfolio possible. This class is for intermediate to advanced photographers with portfolios already in progress.