Boston University Celebrates More Than 1.5 Million Pounds of Surplus Property Provided to Charities

in Boston University Sustainability
May 4th, 2012

RecyclingAided by Boston University Sustainability, more than 1.5 million pounds of surplus furniture and equipment have been provided to charities since 2002 from BU. Last month, as part of its Earth Week observances, BU hosted IRN – The Institutional Recycling Network and Food For The Poor (FFTP), who have been partners with Boston University.

Through its partnerships, Boston University has recovered more than 525,000 pounds of surplus in 2011 alone and distributed among relief projects in more than a dozen countries including Africa, Asia and the Caribbean Basin. The University’s surplus program has kept more than 400,000 pounds of BU surplus out of the trash including furniture and equipment. Given the success of the program since its inception nearly twelve years ago, BU is now recognized as a leader nationwide in surplus property reuse. In addition to IRN and FFTP, BU works with Boston area nonprofits as much as it can to keep surplus local.

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