College Debate National Championship Semifinals - BU vs. Yale

The American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA) National Championships, held at the U.S. [...]Military Academy in West Point, NY, on April 22-24, 2011.

This is BU's semifinal round against Yale. BU is on government, and they run the case "Roe v. Wade is wrongly decided." BU won the round on a 4-3 judging decision, and went on to win the final round of the competition - and the National Championship.

BU's speakers:
PM (first speaker): Alex Taubes (CAS '11) (also gives the last speech)
MG (third speaker): Greg Meyer (CAS '11)

Yale's speakers:
LO (second speaker): David Trinh
MO (fourth speaker): Robert Colonel

Watch more debate rounds like this at or look up the BU Debate Society at

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