Breaking the Fast at Ramadan

Join Shakeela Najjar (CAS'12) and her family as they celebrate Ramadan in their home in New Bedford, [...]Mass.

Read the story on BU Today:

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Posted by nas (0)

Thank you (Shukran), BUniverse and the Najjar family, for this posting. Grateful for the inclusiveness shown by the B.U. community as well as the prayer and wash room accommodations at the GSU. This month of restraint from food and drink, of being introspective and mindful of our actions/intentions, checking our emotions and ego, being ever mindful of the Creator of the heavens and earth and showing reverence for all the Messengers from Adam, Moses, Jesus to Muhammad, and all in between, and living peacefully in tolerance with all of mankind is an annual obligation that hopefully humbles and carries us from Ramadan to Ramadan; year to year. Peace.....
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Posted by yothman (0)

Wow this was so comforting! I will be a freshmen next year at BU InshAllah (God willing), and my parents were really worried about how I would practice at such a large institution. Thank you Shakeela and BUNIVERSE, you have both given me strength. HAPPY RAMADAN =D
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Posted by (0)

Thanks Boston University and Najjar family for this posting . Wish you all a Happy Ramadan
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Posted by rthomas (0)

Thank you to Boston University and to the Najjar family for sharing Ramadan traditions with us. They are beautiful and moving. Peace to all.

Ruth Thomas, Mugar Library
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