TEDxBU: The Abuse of My People by Jessica Kontchou

Jessica is a senior in CAS studying International Relations with a focus on Development in Africa [...]along with a minor in Education. Her interests include linguistics, spoken word, traveling, and good music. Her life goals include speaking five languages and founding a K-12 school in Cameroon.

Hosted by TEDxBU, Howard Thurman Center and Dean of Students on February 26, 2011.

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Posted by johngalt (0)

I like the point as well as the refinement of the perspective being borderless/global. If the professionals who speak to the masses adopt the use of this concept to deliver this type of language, deploy the "my people" premise to address conflict within our own communities, describe political issues as one and not “…black vote…white vote…Hispanic vote…etc… then, they may be able to dismantle the so called politically accepted, politically correct terminology that segments and divides at present and keeps the human perspective self-centered and divided into cultural groups. Not all of us are divided and many of us I am sure would rather be united but, if an outsider has concerns about someone who is not normally associated with their accepted, politically correct termed group; in this current environment, they are looked at in suspicion; how difficult is change and unity then? It is the language that is part of this cause and the perspectives that have been placed in these segments. A “my people” language is what is needed to build bridges and remove this irrational separation of the people. Having the masses hear their respected professionals deliver a unified language concept of the "my people" thought process would eventually trickle down to the masses themselves. They would have a new way to communicate with their neighbors beyond what we are struggling with now. This is where the “my people” process can work outside the borders; after it has been built first within them. This is when we can increase the “my people” thought process to encompass a larger global moral and ethical human reach. Deliver a language that will change the accepted rational of the political environment. Force them to respond then attack the improper accepted politically correct words they use. When we reach that point and time, that point of progress that unites a nation of people, will be on a development path to share great things with the other people of the world. Good job Ms. Kontchou.
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