Digital Pedagogy in Three Parts - Prof Barba at the BU CEIT Instructional Innovation Conference

NEW ! (August 2014) Prof. Barba is teaching a MOOC titled "Practical Numerical Methods with Python." [...]Check it out:


The digital pedagogy in my course titled “Bio-aerial Locomotion” stands on a tripod. One leg is class presentation, recording and online dissemination. The second leg is a course blog, with student assignments publicly available online. The third leg is a program of distinguished invited speakers participating in the course via Skype.
The course is one of a set of ten modules in the College of Engineering’s offerings under the Introduction to Engineering umbrella. All incoming freshmen choose two modules, with topics varying from mechanical design, photonics, biomedical engineering environments, among others. This module is aimed at motivating the subject of bio-inspired engineering through the study of the way animals move in the air by either falling, gliding, or flying.

Prof. Lorena A. Barba, 2012.

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