Class Gift 2011

Dean Elmore will do what?! Watch this video and find out what Boston University's Dean of Students [...]will do if 2,011 members of the class of 2011 give to the Class Gift program.

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Posted by rwilks (0)

I donated. It's called tuition.
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Posted by dugganpj (0)

That hypothetical (and non-existent) senior sounds like quite the jackass.
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Posted by krlanin (1)

The fact that there's an option allowing me to give MY class gift donation to the CSC makes this campaign a whole lot more legit.

If you don't want to support BU that's fine. Support that one department that changed your life. This is YOUR chance to say Thank You... even if that thanks is only $1. It's not the amount, it's the gesture.
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Posted by hubbbroo (0)

Dean Elmore jumping into the Charles is in no way a motivator for me to donate. As a middle schooler, maybe, after all we did duct tape our principal to the wall and found that hilarious. 8 years later tricks like this are less impressive. However, I do appreciate the effort that Dean Elmore is willing to put in but the fact that he is or is not going swimming has no weight on the fact that I will probably still donate at least a little to the school.
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Posted by bnoble (0)

BU's national rankings depend in part on what percentage of our graduating class donates to the university, not the dollar amount we give--so even 50 cents counts.

Even a student who doesn't want to give back to the university should still donate if he or she cares about our ranking....a higher ranking means a higher value we receive for the degree we are earning.
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Posted by jdhm (0)

So bnoble, you're saying I should donate because it will help polish the sheen on my spiffy new diploma and make me look a little better to prospective employers. Hmm, and here I am thinking that 4 years of personal education, development, and socialization reflects the value of my degree, how silly of me.

I second rwilks, BU has enough of my money.
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Posted by lblanch (0)

What a great idea!! I hope the class of 2011 can rise to the challenge to get Dean Elmore in the river... and also get the BU Alumni Council to donate $100,000!
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