Points of Departure: Ahmed Ahmed

Biology major and "C'mon BU" video blogger Ahmed Ahmed (CAS'10) is ready to move on from the role of [...]student to teacher. With no regrets looking forward, Ahmed talks about the importance of getting involved as a BU student.

Read the story on BU Today: http://www.bu.edu/today/node/10978

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Posted by pamado (0)

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Posted by solworth (0)

Congratulations Ahmed. Your time may have come, but we all hope that you will return to visit often
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Posted by kkennedy (0)

C'mon Ahmed...I hope you know that you are definitely leaving a legacy at BU. Just remember that legacy includes being a deeply involved alumnus. C'mon Ahmed BU still needs you.
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Posted by julianj (11)

Much love to ya and I hope you know that you've already rocked this place & it's people
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