Boston University LipDub

On a chilly day in early December 2009, over 120 students from different walks of life at Boston [...]University came together to make a LipDub video to two of Jackson 5's famous songs: I Want You Back and ABC. As with all LipDub videos, the music video is recorded all in one take, with careful coordination between all of the students to ensure a fluid, exciting video.

The video took just over a month to organize and shoot, and it truly was a group effort led by the Kevin Lee, the VP of IFC, and Geogia Poirvre, along with cooperation from the university administration, buildings and grounds, student activities office, and many more divisions on campus.

Director: Georgia Poivre
Producers: Kevin Lee and Goivre
Assitant Producer: Samuel Minkoff
Director of Photography: Geoff Toomey
Email with any questions.

Song Credit:
Artist: Jackson 5
Songs: ABC and I Want You Back
Producer: Motown
Record Label: The Corporation
All Copyright credit: WMG

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Posted by g.michael.bernstein.1987@alum (0)

Fun to watch this video, and great to feel like I'm back at B.U.
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