CD Manipulation: Homage to Han Seol Hui - ISA 2010

Here is another event where I performed my tribute act again for FSA in a show called ISA 2010. In [...]my previous video I've mentioned all the people that helped me out on this act, here I'd like to truely thank them all once again. I'd also like to thank the BU Production team for recording this clip for me. However, this isn't the original cut therefore it is a bit blurry. A higher quality verison will be up as soon as I get the old of the original copy. Thanks.

For Magicians out there: I know you'll be complaining that I'm copying someone's act again... I would like to clarify that 1. this is a TRIBUTE
2. I am not a professional magician, I am a college student that likes the art of magic and wish to promote the magician that I personally have respect on.
3. I have messaged and talked with Han Seoul Hui personally before performing and he allowed me for performing.

I hope this can clarify some confusion. Once again, thank you all for watching!!! Enjoy.

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