Arab Uprisings: Accomplishments, Failures, and Prospects" - Fourth Session (4 of 4)

Fourth Session: “External Involvement in Arab Uprisings”
Seif Da’na, University of [...]Wisconsin-Parkside, chair
Tamirace Fakhoury, Lebanese American University, “Migration and Politics: Insights From the Arab Uprisings”
Hugh Roberts, Tufts University, “European Attitudes and Policy Rresponses to the Crises in North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya), 2010-2013”
Robert Pelletreau, Former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain. “The U.S. Diplomatic Response to the Arab Awakenings”
Haytham Manna’, National Coordination Body for Democratic Change, “Road Map for a Political Solution in Syria”

Tags: International Relations

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