Daryl Healea Runs Across Boston

Every year, BU Residence Life hosts their RA Banquet as the culminating event after a long week and [...]a half of arduous RA Training. In doing so, they also announce the winner of the coveted Thompson Island Cup--the award for the residential area who demonstrated high levels of enthusiasm, teamwork, and creativity during competitions at their field day on Thompson Island in Boston Harbor.

This year, Assistant Director for Student & Staff Development, Daryl Healea, seemingly misplaced the results to the Thompson Island Cup...that is, until he remembered where he left it. The video (directed by Senior Resident Assistant, Rob Ribera) shows Daryl running across Boston in search for the results, stopping by some iconic Boston and Boston University locations along the way. In short, Daryl runs to all corners of the city for his RAs just as his RAs will do all they can for their residents in the year ahead.

Kudos to Residence Life and all BU RAs for 2010-2011!

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Posted by selvaraj (0)

I could have watched this all day. LOVED it.
8 years ago Report abuse

Posted by pjgauthi (0)

This is really fun to watch. Bravo Daryl & Rob!
7 years ago Report abuse

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