What Humanists Need to Know About the Science of Climate Change

The science, ethics, and politics of climate change were the main topics of the 2011 Karbank [...]Symposium in Environmental Philosophy at Boston University.

The annual event offers a forum for discussing issues in environmental philosophy, broadly construed, and is named in honor of philosophy department benefactor and series sponsor Steven Karbank (CAS’79). Symposium topics range from biodiversity and transgenic re-speciation to global warming and nature aesthetics.

This year’s symposium featured three highly regarded thinkers and writers, including Robert K. Kaufmann, CAS professor and chair of geography & environment and director of the Center for Energy & Environmental Studies. Kaufmann’s research focuses on world oil markets, global climate change, the global carbon cycle, and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. He has also completed research on land use change in China and the temporal relation between radiative forcing and surface temperature. Kaufmann concluded the series with his lecture, “What Humanists Need to Know about the Science of Climate Change.”

Hosted by the Center for Philosophy & History of Science on April 15, 2011.

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