BU Today Sessions: Banana Phonetic - "It Was a Drag"

For a band that draws influence from acts ranging from Built to Spill to Prince to Pink Floyd, [...]assigning a genre to Banana Phonetic’s music proves to be a difficult task. However, keyboardist, guitarist, and vocalist Akhil Bhatt (COM’09) prefers it that way. “I’m not a huge fan of the genre game,” he says. “Subdivision or not, Banana Phonetic is definitely what happens when four close friends spend every waking moment collaborating.”

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Posted by namiller (0)

You guys are 80% there - but you gotta dig deeper.

As a song at a rehearsal, your songs are good. But when it comes to performance, you need to PERFORM.

I want to believe the lead singer is working to communicate with me, barely restraining the emotions behind the lyrics. I want to believe the drummer has control of the ticking of the songs heart. I want to believe the lead guitar feels the electricity flowing through his fingers so strongly he has bend his shoulder just so to release the force of his awesomeness. I want to believe the bass player imagines his notes as the foundation of the chords that he has to hold steady as a rock or the song collapses.

I watch Vikesh Kapoor - I believe it.
I watch Banana Phonetic - I don't see it.

This isn't meant to pick on you, it is meant to challenge you. Next time you get up on stage, challenge yourself to be on fire
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