Boston University LipDub 2010

Produced in the Spring of 2010 by the Event Management & Planning and Media Relations Class at [...]Boston University.

Film Crew: Andrew Kightlinger, Scott Lovejoy, Kenice Mobley and Siddarth Selvaraj.

Song Credits: Artist: Dropkick Murphys Song: I'm Shipping Up to Boston Record Label: Hellcat Records Artist: Ke$ha Song: Tik Tok Producer: Dr. Luke Record Label: RCA Records All Copyright credit: Sony Music Entertainment Artist: Lady Gaga Song: Just Dance Producer: RedOne Record Label: Streamline, Interscope All Copyright credit: UMG

Tags: lipdub, com, lip dub, lady gaga, tiktok

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Posted by sminkoff (0)

great job guys!
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Posted by mgd1104 (1)

Wasn't this shot in HD? The quality doesn't reflect that. Great job otherwise! But I still think the original was better.
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Posted by nickjb@alum (0)

It probably was shot in HD, but YouTube takes a while to process it to full resolution
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8 years ago

Posted by carodby (0)

I like the first lip dub better, including the choice of music. I t had a more fun quality.
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Posted by src1216 (0)

i also liked the first lipdub better... if you guys do it again next year, you should have more props that go along with the lyrics or something to make each part more memorable! I still enjoyed watching it though :)
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Posted by selvaraj (0)

The Simpsons' Shout Out to the BU Lip Dub:
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