The Guayabin Massacre: Asylum and Human Rights Clinic seeks justice for Haitians

On the evening of June 18, 2000, 37 Haitians attempted to enter the Dominican Republic. When they [...]arrived in Guayubin, a city about 30 miles past the border, their truck was shot at repeatedly by soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Dominican Republic. Seven unarmed civilians were killed. Thirty others were wounded or injured.

Victims were repeatedly shot. The dead were left for hours before being buried in a mass grave. The survivors, including women and children, allege that they were forcibly detained by the military and never given rights to judicial or administrative process.

The incident, known as the Guayubin Massacre, is on trial this month as Nadege Dorzema et al. vs. Dominican Republic at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica...Read more:

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