Judy Pfaff: A Collagist in Space

Described by the New York Times as “a collagist in space,” artist Judy Pfaff creates sprawling [...]sculptures and installations that utilize an intuitive approach coupled with intense planning. Indeed, her 1995 installation cirque, CIRQUE involves nine miles of metal tubing that soars through 700,000 square feet of space.

Using sculpture, paint, and architecture, she incorporates color into an organic two- and three-dimensional space. Although Pfaff uses steel, fiberglass, and plaster, she also draws upon found and natural objects. Her prints, layered and extremely complex, are among the most innovative examples of contemporary printmaking today. Winner of MacArthur and Guggenheim awards and an NEA grant, Pfaff lives and works in Kingston and Tivoli, New York.

Pfaff served as the speaker for this year’s final Contemporary Perspectives Lecture Series, hosted by CFA.

Hosted by the College of Fine Arts on March 28. 2011.

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